One Book, One School Welcome

  • Parma Park Elementary is about to take part in a special, school-wide reading event called, One School, One Book. Every family will receive a copy of the same book – Friendship According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney – and each family will be asked to read it together at home over the next few weeks. The program will start on February 24th at a school-wide assembly and end on March 13th.

    The One School, One Book program aims to further build a community of readers at our school. Reading aloud at home is valuable because it better prepares your child to be an effective reader, and it is also a fun, worthwhile family activity. Everyone – students, parents, teachers, even administrative staff – will all be following along together.

    One School, One Book is a unique program in that children at all grade levels will be listening to and/or reading the same book. Reading professionals recommend reading material aloud that is beyond your child’s reading level. Reading chapter books with your children, even when they are able to read by themselves, is also beneficial. We have selected a title that can be followed, understood and enjoyed by younger students; And one that will also captivate and interest older children. 

    Your child will receive a copy of Friendship According to Humphrey at a special school-wide assembly introducing the program, the book and steps to earn various prizes. Along with the book, you will receive a reading schedule so that you can keep up at home. Generally, you will be asked to read about 15 minutes each night. Additionally, if you would like to hear staff members reading the various chapters, visit the Parma Park home page where you will find the links to each chapter. 

    We know that you will enjoy this special reading time with your children. When the whole school reads a book, we will enjoy having a lot to talk about. With your help, we can build a Community-of-Readers right here at Parma Park!