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  • As a community service, the Parma City School District authorizes the dissemination of a promotional material from an outside organization that is intended solely to notify students and their parents of the opportunity to participate in a youth-related program, activity or event that aims to improve the health, education or welfare of students or members of the school community (e.g., students' families, etc.)
    The PCSD recognizes that many businesses within the boundaries of the district wish to promote positive programs to students who attend any of the Parma Schools. The PCSD also recognizes that local businesses of Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills are important stakeholders in our community.
    Please carefully read the guidelines below for flyers, as our district procedures and guidelines have changed.



    Board of Education Policy 9700

    It is the policy of the Board of Education that students, staff members, and District facilities not be used for promoting the interests of any non-school agency or organization, public or private, without the approval of the Board or its designee; and any such approval, granted for whatever cause or group, shall not be construed as an endorsement of said cause or group by this Board.

    Any request from civic institutions, charitable organizations, or special interest groups which involve such activities as patriotic functions, contests, exhibits, sales of products to and by students, sending promotional materials home with students, graduation prizes, fundraising, and free teaching materials must be carefully reviewed to ensure that such activities promote student interests without advancing the special interests of any particular group.


    Administrative Guideline 9700A - Distribution of Materials to Students

    Any person or organization wishing to distribute material on school property must first submit for approval a copy of the material to the Superintendent's Office or School and Community Relations Office ten (10) day(s) in advance of desired distribution, together with the following information:

    • name of the person or organization
    • the grade(s) of students to whom the distribution is intended
    • preferred timeline

    The Superintendent's Office or School and Community Relations Office may either approve the distribution of the material, deny it by indicating how it violates Board Policies 5722, 8800, 9700, be made available in a public location, or a restriction regarding time, place, and manner.

    On October 7, 2022, Parma City School District transitioned to all digital flyer distribution. We have partnered with PeachJar to create digital flyer boards for each of our schools and district, which will be sent home to families by email.


    Businesses and organizations that would like to promote an event or program that aims to improve the health, education or welfare of students or members of the school community are permitted to submit their materials for approval through PeachJar.
    Click this link to learn more about PeachJar.

    Each flyer request must include:

    • Contact Name, Contact e-mail and phone number.
    • Make sure to include the desired date for your flyer to be displayed.

    If approved, a disclaimer will be displayed below your flyer on the PeachJar digital flyer board. 

    Individual PCSD buildings and the District Administrative Office WILL NOT accept printed flyers dropped off at their location. All flyers must be submitted digitally to PeachJar for approval and distribution or emailed to nancej@parmacityschools.org 

    Please allow 3 to 5 business days for the flyer to be approved and distributed electronically.

    Individual buildings that have a program, fundraiser or other activity that is sponsored by the individual school or the district are permitted to distribute paper copies to students on an individual basis but will be encouraged to use PeachJar as a more cost-effective and direct method to send flyers home to families. 

    Approved community partners may distribute flyers or information to the buildings electronically through PeachJar. These community partners may include official flyers from any of the three cities, including recreation departments, as well as the Cuyahoga County Public Library. Paper flyers will not be accepted at buildings. 

    Failure to comply with any of these guidelines will result in the immediate removal of flyers from buildings.

    Please contact Jennifer Nance, in the Family and Community Engagement Office, at nancej@parmacityschools.org with any questions or assistance.

PeachJar Digital Distribution

  • The Parma City School District is excited to partner with PeachJar to provide all flyers digitally home to parents and guardians. Please contact nancej@parmacityschools.org with any questions regarding distribution of school flyers. 

    Please click the peachjar logo to learn more about viewing and submitting flyers!


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