Meeting Procedures

  • The meeting follows a specific agenda, which is outlined below. Community members in attendance have the opportunity to address the Board during the portion of the meeting entitled "Open to the Public." You may also meet with individual members of the Board or Administration after the meeting is adjourned.

    Remember: the Board of Education and Administration are here to serve you. We hope to see you soon!


    Here's what you can expect at a typical Board of Education Meeting:

    1.  Routine Matters    
         a. Pledge of Allegiance
         b. Roll Call
         c. Welcome/Reflection
         d. Approval of Minutes
    2.  Superintendent's Spotlight on Learning
    3.  Discussion Items
    4.  Unfinished Business
    5.  Communications
    6.  Action Items    
         a. Department of Teaching and Learning
         b. Finance
         c. Human Resources
         d. Business
         e. Policies
    7.  Legislation Report
    8.  Information to the Board
    9.  Information Requested
    10. Meeting Open to the Public
    11. Adjournment

    Speaking with the Board

    The Parma Board of Education encourages and welcomes communication with the community. Anyone who would like to address an item should fill out a "Request to be Heard" form available from the Board secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting. Public participation under the agenda item "Meeting Open to the Public" is welcome and any concern dealing with education in the Parma City School District may be presented in writing through the "Request to be Heard" form at this time. If your concern is relevant to an agenda item, up to three minutes will be allocated to present your concern verbally and/or to offer more lengthy written reports or letters to the Board for their consideration and later reply. The Board and administration will attempt to answer questions when they are presented. In some cases, more information is needed to satisfy all parties, and so, the question may be referred to the Superintendent of Schools for further investigation or study.

    Criticism and/or complaints against an employee of the school district will be heard only at a private session of the Board when requested by the resident, and only if the resident has previously attempted to resolve the problem with the building principal and/or appropriate administrator. Every effort should be made by the resident to discuss the matter of complaint with the proper administrator and the Superintendent of Schools before bringing the complaint to the Board of Education in a public meeting.