Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

  • School starts at 9:25 and dismisses at 3:40 each day. Adults will be at the specific doors to supervise students at 8:55. The ideal plan is to have your children at school at 9:10, no later than 9:20.  Bus students will be instructed on where to go as they unboard the bus at the beginning of the day and the procedures for boarding at the end of the day. Each grade level has specific doors for entrance and exit.

    Kindergarten and First grade will enter and exit at the side door on Lyle.  There is no parking on Lyle. It is meant for parents to drive and drop students off and keep moving.  If you want to park, please park on a neighborhood street or farther down Lyle and walk to the door with your child. Students will enter the building upon arrival.

    Second Grade and Fourth Grade will enter and exit from the door nearest to the playground equipment, door #7.  Please drive in and follow the arrows in the carpool lane.  Please pull up and drop your child off.  At dismissal, cars will follow the arrows, continue on, and stop to pick up near the green recycling bin.  Students will enter the building upon arrival.

    Third Grade will enter, door #7 (along with gr. 2 and 4) and exit from the north door, door #8.  That is the door at the back of the school where the steps are located.  Third grade classes and lockers are located in that part of the building. Students will enter the building upon arrival.

    Front Loop – The front loop is open only for PCSD buses and approved special education families.  Please do not enter the bus loop unless you are authorized.  Safety is our first priority and we need everyone to follow our safety protocols for the well being of all of our students.

    Again, there will be adult supervision at all of those locations at arrival and dismissal to help students get to their specific locations.  Please do not bring students to school before 8:55. There is no supervision. The closest to 9:10 would be best.  The tardy bell is 9:30.  If your child comes to school after 9:30, they need to enter through the front doors.  At dismissal, we have staff on duty for dismissal from 3:40-3:55.  After 3:55, students will be brought to the front hallway for dismissal. Please be prompt.

    Please do not park on Dentzler Road at dismissal. This is a no parking zone and you could be ticketed.  Cars parked on the road during that time cause a road block and keep traffic from flowing. Thank you for your attention to this matter.